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Welcome to Uprep Basketball club

Our program is fueled by a genuine passion for the game of basketball, coupled with our unwavering commitment to empowering youth to harness the multitude of advantages this sport has to offer. Every member of our dedicated staff is wholly dedicated to fostering the holistic growth of our players – not only as skilled basketball athletes, but also as fully developed, accomplished individuals.

Our endeavor extends beyond the basketball court, aiming to equip our players with the tools they need to triumph in every facet of life. This aspiration drives our comprehensive support, which extends to their athletic pursuits, academic pursuits, and social development. We are resolutely dedicated to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are poised for success both on and off the court.

The University Preparatory Basketball Club (UPrep) stands as a nonprofit entity dedicated to fostering inclusive opportunities for student-athletes. Our mission centers around instilling the core principles of diligence, commitment, and exceptionalism through the avenue of basketball. Our aim is not only to cultivate skilled athletes but also to nurture future leaders, rooted in a foundation of sportsmanship and community engagement.

Our primary objective revolves around providing young individuals with the chance to grasp the significance of qualities such as hard work, determination, and excellence within the context of basketball. Furthermore, we aspire to mold lifelong leaders by integrating the values of teamwork and civic service into their athletic journey. An additional facet of our endeavor involves aiding student-athletes in realizing their aspirations of securing postsecondary athletic scholarships.

Integral to our approach is the emphasis on personal goal setting, unwavering accountability, unwavering discipline, mental resilience, collaborative teamwork, responsible citizenship, industrious and intelligent efforts, unwavering focus, and fortified self-assurance. By imparting these principles, we strive to not only pave the way for success but also to unlock the full potential within each individual, enabling them to thrive and excel.

The University Preparatory Basketball Club (UPrep) is a not-for-profit organization that recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for all student athletes. The mandate of the organization is to provide youth, an opportunity to learn the values of hard work, dedication, and excellence through basketball; to develop lifelong leaders through sport and community service. In addition we assist student-athletes to achieve their goal of obtaining a postsecondary athletic scholarship. We emphasize the importance of personal goal setting, accountability, discipline, mental toughness, teamwork, citizenship, hard work, smart work, focus and self-confidence in realizing success and actualizing potential.

The type of athletes UPrep is looking to attract and support are athletes who:

  • Who want to have a post secondary education and degree
  • Who want to earn a post secondary athletic (basketball) scholarship
  • Who want training tailored specifically for their goals, body and schedule
  • Who want to work towards meaningful milestones
  • Who want to achieve peak performance and results
  • Who want to train with experts


Incoming athletes can expect an intense combination of on court skill development, movement specific performance training, video analysis, as well as nutrition counselling. UPrep Basketball Club is synonymous with the highest commitment to player development on and off the court.