As a man who has a leadership role in a city with so many talented youth I see this as a big opportunity to mentor and assist athletes, provide increased opportunities, and highlight B.C players and our local basketball community. My position with UPrep provides resources to help drive change. We all can do better I intend to do more for our players and the basketball community here in B.C.

I have a responsibility to a lot of kids, to a program, to a community. One of my biggest mandates is What can I do, or potentially do to help alleviate some of the socioeconomic challenges that come with playing elite club basketball? UPrep provides an unbelievable opportunity for myself and everyone involved in the organization to help make change.

- Dwayne Selby, President of Basketball Operations / CEO

Picture of Dwayne Selby

Dwayne Selby

President & CEO

Management Team

Dwayne Selby

President of Basketball Operations and CEO

Julien Phipps


Steven Bennett

Boys Basketball Director

Nedzad Hrbinic

Girls Basketball Director and Marketing Manager

Advisory Board of Directors

Edward Wright

Senior Advisor

Wayne Best

Senior Consultant

Dean O’Leary

Legal Advisor

Brian Poston

Legal Advisor

Alysse Selby

Business Advisor

Julien Phibbs

Fundraising and Special Events Advisor

UPrep Boys Coaching Staff

Summer 2022 Coach Announcements Coming Soon!


Head Coach - JP Planta


Head Coach - Dwayne Selby
Assistant - Steven Bennett


Head Coach - Wayne Best
Assistant - Jeremiah Kabia


Head Coach - Bal Dhillon
Assistant - Steven Bennett


Head Coach - David Petroziello
Assistant - Umer Patan
Assistant - Paolo Olfato
Assistant - Slyvester Appiah

UPrep Girls Coaching Staff

Summer 2022 Coach Announcements Coming Soon!


Head Coach - Ned Hrbinic

15U Blue

Head Coach - Kiandra Chandran

15U Black

Head Coach - Ned Hrbinic

16U Blue

Head Coach - Denise Busayong
Assistant - Janel Tantengco
Assistant - Binny Atwal

16U Black

Head Coach - Zach Usherwood
Assistant - Dwayne Selby
Assistant - Louise Forsyth