About UPrep

Welcome to UPrep Basketball Club

Here at UPrep our athletes are built through elite development, game specific training and through perfecting their craft daily. Our athletes are shaped in all areas needed to be successful and are set up for success once they graduate from our program. From hard work to perseverance, our athletes learn and develop the tools to be successful in any academic arena or career they choose to pursue.

Uprep athletes are driven, drilled, and developed until second nature becomes first. Our philosophy believes in growing our athletes step by step, rep by rep, ensuring for later success and no gaps being left in their development.

Our players are taught and instructed by pro and college level coaches who have all either competed, won, or coached, at the highest levels of the game.

Come Here, Compete Anywhere

UPrep Player Development Pathway: Elevating Your Game

Our UPrep Player Development Pathway is rooted in three fundamental principles that drive excellence in every aspect of our program. We’re dedicated to providing a consistent and standardized experience across all teams and categories, fortifying and honing the distinctive UPrep club culture, cultivating a dynamic club style of play, elevating basketball game sense, and nurturing each athlete’s unique Individual Development Plan.

Strategic Team Placement: Unleashing Potential

We are committed to optimizing both the competitive journey and personal growth of every player by strategically and intentionally placing them within teams that best foster their development. Our innovative Training Group Model ensures that each athlete thrives in an environment tailored to maximize their progress. Through cohesive training sessions every player benefits from the same exceptional coaching, mentorship, and developmental opportunities.

Unified Approach: Excellence in Harmony

Our holistic approach unites all our teams under a singular pathway, propelling us towards unparalleled competitive achievement in each category. The Club aligns teams and coaches not just in tactics and teachings, but also in a shared pursuit of performance and exposure. Guided by the principle of WE > ME, our collective mindset harnesses the power of the entire club to support each athlete on their unique journey.

A Culture of Excellence

Our commitment is unwavering: we provide the optimal practice and game settings to facilitate your ongoing development. As players, you are the core of our focus, and our pledge is to continually nurture your growth.

Prepare for Greatness: Embrace Challenges

At UPrep, we encourage our athletes to embrace challenges. Be prepared to excel not only within your age group but also among older competitors, showcasing your versatility and adaptability. Your potential knows no bounds within our program.

Welcome to the future of basketball development at UPrep, where we nurture champions, celebrate unity, and elevate your game beyond limits.